Sunday, November 2, 2008

Better b4 Baby

My mother told me that when my alarm went off, I'd know...

(She was right.)

Better b4 Baby is about my committment toward living a more healthful lifestyle in the interest of my future children. My husband and I are currently trying for baby. Since I lost 200 pounds, I've maintained my current weight for about three years now, give or take 5-7 pounds. That's spectacular, actually. Except that my current weight is about 15 pounds above what I actually should be, from a health standpoint.

I want to be the healthiest mom I can possibly be, and I'm going to start NOW "b4" baby!

That's where this Better b4 Baby thing comes in... I want to not only have a healthy pregnancy, but I want to become the mom I know that I should be, before I'm forced to BE that mom. In other words, I want to practice what I preach.

Better b4 Baby Commandments

1. I will cut back on grazing, and work toward eliminating it completely.

2. I will post ALL that I eat, even the bad stuff and the little extras here and there (which can add up).

3. I will focus on more vigorous gym workouts, and less "off" days.

4. I will read my goal board once per day and count my blessings daily.

5. I will take up running (yet again).

6. I will take my pre-vitamins and DHA every day!

I realize many of you are fairly young and/or aren't in "baby mode." That's okay. There's lots of reasons to find to be "better" at what you're already doing. The biggest one is YOU.

Here's to wishing you better days, all the days of your life.

Just to be clear. I'm not pregnant...

Yet. :)


  1. "I will take folic acid" should be on that list too.

  2. I love the 'Better b4 Baby' button. Would you be willing to share the button? I know on other blogs I read people can grab other blog writers' buttons.

    Getting better b4 baby is one of my goals too, I can't wait to be a Mom but I know that being an overweight Mom is NOT good.

    Thank you!

  3. You should also:

    --get a dental check up

    --have an Ob/Gyn checkup and make sure you like your doctor before you get makes a difference!

  4. i absolutely love this. i've been reading "what to expect before expecting" to make sure i'm in tip top shape because i too... am above my healthy weight. i've learned soooo much and hopefully i'll be in great shape before i get pregnant. read the book. it's amazing and she's right, go to the dentist and all that other stuff. who woulda thunk it?! :-P GOOD LUCK HUN!!

  5. being a mother you should have more responsibilities so if you maintain your health before pregnancy then you are in have to do less efforts to gain your body shape after pregnancy easily.


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