Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving to Remember

Thanksgiving was great. The food was good. The day was lazy, except for cooking. I missed my family even more than expected. All in all, what I expected. I ended the day in my stretchy pants, so you know it was good eats. Here are some pics.

With love,


  1. Can I live with you? I was spoiled with beautiful weather in Florida this week, and now that I'm back in Bloomington it's so cold and depressing! I need my sunshine!

    Btw, cute place :) Your meal looks tasty but seriously... no dessert?!

  2. Who fixed the greens?
    Ryan, I know you didn't! Ha Ha!
    Congrats! Looks like a great Turkey (well, cutie Cornish Hen) holiday. I want to make those for Rob and I one time.

    Love you both,
    - Danielle :0)

  3. Somebody used some meat in those Greens. I am so proud. I am glad you guys had a good one. I missed family too but I had a stand in family for the day! :)

  4. My Baby threw down on this food y'all! She did her thing. I'm still full. And it's Tuesday.



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