Saturday, November 15, 2008

I love to write day... who knew?

Mandy Clarke, The Writers Block blog, asked me to write a guest blog on "I love to write day," which is today (news to me). My blog is up there. Check it out.

My bio isn't up there because I was rushing home yesterday to get ready for Ryan's birthday dinner and forgot. He enjoyed it though. We went to the Gaslamp Stripclub. It's a steak place (what were you thinking?!). Basically, they are a great steak house, but cheap because you grill your own meat. So, they bring out a salad, untoasted garlic bread and your raw meat. You go to their giant grills and cook your own. He got NY strip. Me, chicken breast (I didn't have tons of options, but we weren't there for me!). It was really good. It's located in the foot of the gaslamp, which has more of a funky vibe, cool. Afterwards, we met his work friends at McGreggors or something like that in Mission Valley. As soon as we got there, they were leaving to go over to the Blue Foot, cool bar/club in North Park. So, we went there, danced a little, altho the music sucked, and that's all folks. It was a late night for me. Getting home at 1:30 for me is like an all nighter for other people. Tonight, we have another party and tomorrow is his BDAY!!!!

I'll update later.

xoxo - j


  1. You grill your own meat? that is so cool! YUMMMM

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!In case I don't get on in the morning. It sounded like you two had a wonderful night, sounds like it was a lot of fun =)

  2. PS: Your bio is up now! :)


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