Thursday, June 4, 2009

Indiana, Our Indiana

FINALLY, I'm going to post about my Indiana trip. Sorry. I was hoping to get some pictures to show you, but we didn't take our camera, so I have to rely on other people to be on the ball, when obviously we weren't!

Above is a pic of my grandma and I from a few years ago. It's not current, but it does represent why I went home. Going home was a gift from my boss for our wedding. We picked Memorial Day weekend. Ryan left on Friday morning and I left that afternoon. He spent time with his buddies until I arrived late that night.

SATURDAY: Memorial Day Get-together
This was our first full day. I had a quick workout at the hotel's gym and then we headed over to his cousin Danielle's house. We chatted it up with her and Nikki and Rob (Danielle's hubby), and then Danielle and I made an avocado salad that was quite a hit later that afternoon. After, we headed over to Ryan's Uncle Herbert's house for the cookout. Well, we had a slight detour (We were LOST!), but we finally made it. Everyone came to the cookout. My parents, bro, Jess, her husband and the kids, and of course nearly all of Ryan's family was there. Good food, wonderful people and a very serious game of dodgeball. Good times. That night, we hit the town. Le'Joy, my girls and I went downtown to Blu; and Ryan hung out with his friends doing whatever guys do.

SUNDAY: Family
Sunday was Ryan's last full day. We barely managed to drag ourselves out of bed around 10am (having stayed up a bit late the night before). Then, we went down to Btown to have lunch with his friend and her son before going to my parents' house in Bfield. We were planning to have a small pre-birthday party for me, but my grandparents were sick. We hung out a bit with the fam and went to bed early.

MONDAY: Ryan goes back to SD
We visited his family before I dropped him at the airport and then I stayed the night with my friend in Btown. We cooked dinner and looked at magazines. A chill night. Fun.

Tuesday: Day of Dad
I chilled with my Dad in downtown Btown. We had lunch at FARM, which I highly recommend and drank terrible coffee at Soma (which I loved nonetheless).

Wednesday: Grandparents Day
Hung out at my grandparents' house all day long. Then, headed up to a cake party at my friend's house where I saw all my girls and their men. It was cool and the cake was gorgeous of course.

Thursday: SHOPPING
My mom took me bday shopping. It was super fun, and I am very grateful to have great new wardrobe additions! Thanks MOMA! That night, I met up with my old high school friends at O'Charleys. What was just like 5 of us turned into like 10 of us, which was super fun.

Friday: Goodbyes
I headed over to my grandparent's in the morning to say goodbye. They aren't as young as they once were and seeing them was my main objective for going home. Every time we say goodbye, I feel panicked. It's weird when you realize things don't last.
After that, I went up to Indy and took my sister in law to lunch and Starbucks before I had to go to the airport.

That night I got home around 10:30 and I was very happy to see my hubby!

OK. Consider yourselves UPDATED! xoxo


  1. I'm going to start marketing that you have to say GorJess when you describe my cakes, LOL

    Sounds like a good week overall. I mean, as good as va-ca in Indiana could be ;)

    Now time for me to visit SD!

  2. Sounds like you had a really fun time. I mean who does not like a BBQ and a serious game of dodge ball?


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