Monday, June 8, 2009

I Ain't No Hollaback (Canyon) Girrrrrrl

Hey all. I hope you had a lovely weekend. I did. My friend Jess came in this weekend and we dedicated our Saturday to running errands related to her moving and school stuff. Then, we went to a Padres game that night. Fun times. Sunday, we headed over to Hollenbeck Canyon (aka Hollaback) over by Jamul. I've never been, although I've intended to go several times. Let me tell you what, I REALLY learned my lesson about doing things without a little research.

It was beautiful out there (as you see from the pic above). However, there aren't many signs posted out there, which didn't immediately bother us. This is like REAL hiking. Not like the cute little trails at Torrey Pines. Oh no. This is serious business. We walked and walked and climbed and walked some more. We barely saw a single soul the entire time, and we're both thinking about lions and tigers and bears in the back of our minds but not saying it so we don't freak the other one out. So, we get to this stretch of trail that is basically like a skinny dirt path and in my head, I think OH CRAP we're totally lost. The only part about it is we realize there's this half-naked man about 200 yards behind us. Well, like hell am I going back his direction, so we keep going and going and going and going and going. We joke about how we might be one of those stories on tv where the women venture out and never return. Except we're both slightly afraid we're not joking. I should note, the views out there are AMAZING. It's just that it starts to not be so cool when you're wondering if you'll ever make it out alive.

Finally 3.5 hours passes and we make it back to our car. When we got home, we looked it up. We walked approx 15-16 MILES. There was basically no point to turn back unless you wanted to go back over the mountain, which was the hardest part. HOLY COW, we were exhausted. That is officially the longest hike I've ever been on. Today, despite the fact I wore SPF 30, I look like a friggin lobster and it HURTS.

BUT, it was a great workout and we treated ourselves afterwards to some yummy Souplantation, so I guess I can't complain too much. But woah.

I hope all is well in the world of you.



  1. Lol...I'm glad you made it out okay :) We've had an experience like that when I was in middle school at Pinnacles in CA. We started out on an easy hike, made it to our destination, toured some caves, etc. On the way back we got HORRIBLY lost and ended up somehow on the other side of a MOUNTAIN from our campsite. We ended up hiking about 10 miles that day and getting horribly sunburnt as well with prickly plant parts stuck everywhere in our clothes :)

  2. Amanda Landis-HannaJune 10, 2009 at 5:16 AM

    1. Always boost your sunblock every 2 hours.
    2. Yay cardio! Even if it was unintentional. Bet your butt was sore.
    3. Go Girls! It's always nice to accidentally prove your mettle (by running away from wierd half naked guy). Wish I could have been with you!



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