Friday, June 12, 2009

Career Change, the End of the World and Breakfast

Hey all!
I have a quick second here at work (a busy day ahead) and I wanted to just drop a quick line. As many of you know, I'm in the process of making a VERY big change career-wise. I'm leaving my full-time job as a marketing exec to begin consulting (see above logo in its ROUGH draft form). I'm doing this for two major reasons, 1) I want to work from home to prepare for baby when the time comes (within the next two years at most), and 2) I'm going back to school (!!!). I start class Monday!

I'm writing all this because I thought it all seemed so far away, but when I came in this morning, I realized, OMG I start school MONDAY and HOLY MOLY, I have exactly TWO WEEKS left of my current career. Song plays in my head: It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine (well sorta)...

In other news, I'm also shopping for a good place to get my haircut, and I think I'm going to go with Disconnected in North Park. As I type this, the girls in the office and I are yet again discussing what I'm gonna do with my hair (they've both had major haircuts recently). Well, apparently, one of them actually already goes to Disconnected (what are the odds?), so I think that's definitely the place. If you've heard good things about it, let me know.

I'm super sore this morning. I don't think it's from my morning workout, which was just cardio. So, most likely it's from my squats at the gym last night. Nothing more strenuous than normal, but I pulled a muscle in the right side of my back last week moving boxes and I think the squats irritated it again. I thought I was healed. Guess not. A girl needs to take care of her back, for sure.

Our house guest left early this morning. Tonight will be the first night Ryan and I have alone and we're going to be busy. Hopefully this weekend we'll have time to just hang out and chill in some major frugal way since money may be tight for the next bit. By the way, LAKERS WON last night. Everyone laughs at me because I get SO into the game that it makes me a nervous wreck. They pulled it out though. WOOHOO!

Ok, gotta get back to it. These last two weeks are going to be insane with wrap-up details. Yay!

xoxo -j
P.S. For some reason my logo won't upload and I don't have time to mess with it, so instead you get a picture of my very favorite brand of English Muffins, Orowheat Double Fiber. Talk about filling you up! I eat them nearly every morning for breakfast with a tbsp PB and a tbsp low sugar grape jelly, along with a banana. Yum!

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