Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dreary Day, Sweet Night

Despite the fact that it was a dreary day in typically Sunny San Diego, we had a good one. As you know, our goal was to hit up the beach. And, hit up the beach we did. With a few slight modifications in the planned wardrobe arena, we were off. Well, we were off, right after we had a quick lunch at home since a beach picnic was out of the question.


When we first dicussed a beach-go, the man suggested Pacific Beach, known by locals as simply "PB." Usually, we'd go to Coronado, so this was a nice change. Way different vibe. It was crowded like always, and we drove around the residential side streets to find a spot. It was cold -- coffee was required. Since there's basically a Starbucks on every block in the San Diego area, we found it.

And, I was a happy girl.


We walked for a while along the boardwalk and checked out all the cool homes along the beach. We decided they must all be rentals because no one could afford to live there. Breathtaking! The ocean had some pretty good waves, so we saw a few surfers out and about. Everyone else was sticking to the beach or the boardwalk. I'm sure that water was cooooooooold.

On our way home, we ran food errands. First, Trader Joe's and then Costco. When we got home, we were both ready for a snack after all that beach walking (it is INFINITELY harder to walk in sand - I always forget this). I had a handful of ABC trailmix from TJs (and an apple later).


This evening, we had a nice dinner and a movie date (at home, of course). We curled up on the couch and watched Things We Lost in the Fire (FANTASTIC movie - be prepared to cry) and I made homemade White Castle burgers with a side of roasted cauliflower.


These burgers were the juiciest turkey burgers I've ever had!!! I know other people have managed to do great things with ground turkey, but I've always had an issue with them being dry. This time, I decided to throw in a packet of onion soup mix, 1/4 cup water and half of a chopped tomato. Delicious! I served mine open faced on a toasted piece of Orowheat's new Protein Health bread with fresh spring greens, more chopped tomato and a light sprinkle of feta. Really fantastic.

This evening we had a hankering for sweetness, so we went to a new yogurt place. The yogurt is supposed to be uber healthy. A 1/2 cup serving is only 32 calories. They had interesting flavors like almond and irish cream. I had almond with granola on top. The picture is terrible (light-wise), so I'll have to share next time.

Well, time for this girl to curl up on the couch with my book. Goodnight, goodnight wherever you are.



  1. aaww...I love date night, especially the ones at home on the couch!

    You made whitecastle burgers? Please do, share the recipe! AND...I'm totally jealous of the yogurt place! I must hunt one of these down here in Minneapolis!

  2. ahhhh told you there were juicy turkey burgers out there!! :P

  3. I want to visit Coronado again... I heard that Marilyn Monroe has been in that hotel!


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