Sunday, June 21, 2009

I am a Pretzel (Rod)

Today was a hard day. It really was.

It started off well. I made myself french toast, after being inspired by Angie over at Angie's Appetite for Life. She made french toast this week, and I knew I had to have it myself.


After, I went to the gym for my first ever yoga class. I've decided I need to incorporate yoga into my gym regimen because I am really and truly the least flexible person I've ever seen. Mental picture for you: If I sit on the ground with both feet together out in front of me, I can reach my knees. That's it. Obviously, I want to work on that. So, yoga it is. Let's just say, I discovered with absolute certainty that my body is meant to be a pretzel rod, not a pretzel twist. However, I will continue attending class and see if a combination of monkey poses, cobra poses, reverse swan and whatever else will actually make it so I can touch my toes. We shall see.

My post-yoga snack was good.


But it went downhill from there. Today was a culmination of emotional upheaval, to say the least. Let's just say the combination of my current high-stress career, starting up my consulting business and working on my book has not been kind to my stress levels or to my food intake. I don't even remember lunch. I literally mean I don't remember. I ate so much today that there's no way I could keep track. A few bowls of Cheerios, some potato chips, assorted other foods... it was alot. After a long, understanding convo with my husband, I'm glad to say I'm myself again. I learned a long time ago that beating myself up for these moments does no good. Tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to rededicate myself to goodness and balance.

However, now the potato chips are on the top of the cabinets out of my reach. Sigh...


Dinner was scrumptious. I used natural peanut butter, garlic and pepper to make a fantastic sauce for some chicken and served it over brown rice with coconut chicken broth and broccoli spears. When I make this dish, I always eat mine over a bed of greens, but we took a picture of the man's food to show what the dish is supposed to look like plated.


After dinner I made whole wheat banana-nut muffins. Making muffins is a huge stress reliever for me. It's really the only thing I bake. I use splenda brown sugar blend in these and unsweetened apple sauce. Fantastic.


The funny part about my muffin-baking habit is that really no one in my house loves muffins (including me). So, these 12 healthy muffins last us a long time.

What healthy habits do you use to relieve stress?



  1. Don't stress about your eating is a new day! And, the meals that I saw looked great! Hope the french toast hit the spot!!

    It sounds cliche, but a good walk outside or hard workout class is one of the best things for me when I'm stressed...
    Have a great week!!

  2. OMG, that peanut sauce sounds amazing - please share the recipe!!!

    I totally throw snack attack foods on top of the cabinets. My boyfriend thinks I'm nutz but its the only way to keep them out of reach! HA!

    Hope you have a relaxing day today!

  3. I read books, email friends, and do yard work to relieve stress.

    By the way, your transformation is incredible! You look great and your blog is fantastic!! :)


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