Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey Hey Hey Goooooodbye

Na na na-na. Na na na-na. Hey hey heeeey. Gooooood-byeeeee!

Today is my last day as a salaried employee of my company. I'm becoming hourly (working less hours) as of tomorrow, so that I can focus on my new consulting venture and my book. Yay! :)

This morning I hit the gym without any food in my tum-tum. I usually don't, but I was running late. Somehow I closed my eyes for "just 2 more minutes" and it turned into 20 - woopsie daisy!

When I got back from the gym (where I only had time for 35), I made a scrumptious breakfast: a spinach, egg and feta scramble on a whole wheat english muffin with some baby tomatoes on the side. I keep thinking I'll read the carton so I quit calling them baby tomatoes like a fool, but I never remember, so baby tomatoes it is.


This morning, I conned my hubby out of his last 3 bucks so I could take you guys up on your Starbucks advice. (Hey - there are just some things a girl's gotta do, right?). I picked up a grande soy latte (decaf) instead of my usual venti skinny vanilla latte. OMG I loved it. You guys were SO right. I think I have my new drink. Of course, the soy costs more, so I've only solved the health problem and not the money problem. One thing at a time.

Today is shaping up to be another busy day. I have work, then school, then a quick stop home to give the hubby a kiss and off to book club (I'm almost done with the book). Should be fun, and I'll be sure to take pictures of our dinner at Casa de Pico. The hubby just called and said he wouldn't be able to pick up our new dining table today like we planned (We've been waiting on it to come in FOREVER), but we get it Saturday. Yippy!!!

Well, I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. It's almost FRIDAY!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

P.S. If you haven't already, be sure to check out last night's post Hubby in the Kitchen and give my man some props. He threw down, as he would say, and it was so much help to me! Thanks bebe!!!



  1. ok ok ok, I am so truly jealous of your less hours situation!

    and...did I miss the post? What's this book thingie about? Subject? Details?

  2. What an exciting venture!!!

  3. I make that 2->20 minutes sleeping in mistake all the time. I hate it when it happens because it upsets my schedule, but I'm sure my body thanks me...

  4. I'm clearly new so I have to ask, what book are you writing? Whatever it is - that is awesome!

  5. Yay!! Congratulations on your last day!! That is so exciting. I think it is awesome that you are taking a chance and working on your own venture- and a book? Good for you!!

    Have a great day!!

  6. What a truly inspiring story you have!!!
    Just curious, what book are you writing?

    and to answer your question about how many mini meals I eat in a day. I eat 5-6. Just depends:)


  7. Congrats on the work sitch!

    What's your book about?

  8. !Go dancing under the stars! Have fun and don't give up through that bummpy road!

    Thanks for sharing your stories I love it:)

    And you can visit me if I can visit you:)

    Have a great day!

  9. Love your scramble! Throw some sundried tomatoes in that bad boy and you'll be in heaven!


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