Friday, June 19, 2009

Good Morning World!

Good morning! I fell asleep early last night, which meant I woke up 15 minutes before the alarm. My breakfast is a couple pieces of toasted PB&J ezekiel bread that my Lady Gago left behind when she came to visit, and a dollop of daisy, er unsweetened applesauce w/cinnamon. Not too impressive this morning, but hey, it was 4:45 when I was making this, so give me a break! :)I'll have a glass of milk when I get back from the gym.

Last night, I made salad, steamed baby red potatoes (with a dab of EVOO and 21 Salute Seasoning) and I poached some chicken tenderloins in white wine and herb chicken stock and used 21 Salute Seasoning on that also. A good meal.


Well, I'm off to the gym. 30 minutes early - I'll have time for abs! Woohoo!

xoxo - j

P.S. I have to add that I tried a little experiment yesterday by sending Ryan to work with two Ezekiel PBJ sandwiches (one is not enough for him). I didn't tell him it was on Ezekiel bread, just smaller bread. He comes home and he's like, Baby, that bread is REALLY hard. I think he thought it was stale or something. lol. Obviously, my experiment failed. Oh well. So much for switching to the fancy sprouted bread. :)


  1. Are you refrigerating the bread now? I prefer it toasted (or grilled) is very yummy that way to :)

    Lady Gago!! hahah I told her to create a website with that name..she would get a LOT of hits. Yummy dinner!!

  2. I am officially dubbed Lady Gago!

    Btw, that dinner looks fabulous. I propose when I move out there I'll just give you money every week if you make extra food at dinner for me, LOL.

  3. Yes, refrigerating! Ya, I told Jess I got that name from You lol. Clever.

    J - I would completely do that. OR, we could make up stuff for you on the weekend to eat all week. I love that kind of stuff. You know I'm in.

  4. ooohhh...I love love love PB&J! So yummy!


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