Saturday, June 27, 2009

Savory Saturday Morning

Good morning. I've been up for about an hour eating breakfast and reading bloggy blogs. I have a personal training session in an hour and a half. It's quiet, since I'm the only one awake yet, and the birdies are chirping. I'm really excited because the sun is supposed to shine all day today. In San Diego, we have what's called Gray May and June Gloom. It just hangs over us and while the rest of the country seems to be getting excited with the warm, sunny days of Spring, we're all dealing with blahs. Since we get the sunshine in December when alot of people have snow, I guess it's what we deserve!

I'm hoping I can convince the man to go hiking or atleast walking somewhere beautiful. Last weekend at the beach was so gloomy. It's only a high of 70 in San Diego according to, which means a little warmer here in East County -- so it's a perfect day to be outside.

This morning, I made a really wonderful little mix of whole oats, cooked with fresh spinach and a little shredded cheese. Amazing! I'd been getting bored with normal oatmeal and this savory concoction was truly a breakfast treat. I highly recommend it.


Here's wishing you a California Sunshine kinda Saturday.



  1. cheesy spinach oats sound great!

    I have always wanted to visit San Diego but never been to the west coast. I always thought you guys got a lot of sunshine and heat! Hope it's a nice day for you and you enjoy the weekend :)

  2. First off- you are gorgeous!! LOVE your blog! I have recently tried savory oats for the first time and I am in love! They are so delicious! Hope your training session went well <3!

  3. Yum! I just had breakfast too. Mine was a sweet greek yogurt mix. :) I've never had savory oatmeal... I think I'll try that tomorrow!

  4. Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog! I'll definitely be back :)

    You're in San Diego? My dad and sister just moved out there a couple of months ago, and I'm so incredibly jealous.

    That oatmeal looks really good...I may have to borrow your idea! Have a great day :D

  5. Yum! I haven't tried savory oats before but you're inspiring me to try!!

    Have a great Saturday!

  6. Savory oats are AWESOME! I love them with runny yolk.
    I've never been to SAn Diego, but I will be going to school in LA this Fall. I shall visit!


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