Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Johnny

That's my tribute to Ed McMahon, who died last night at the ripe old age of 86. Sad.

I learned that this morning while reading the news on CNN when I should have been at the gym. I've had a really tough time sleeping these past two nights. After class today, I'm going to go for a run no matter how frazzled I feel from all the mayhem (see last night's post to read about the madness that is my circuit training class) . Hopefully that will tire me out to the point I sleep and can finally resume regularly scheduled programming (which includes gym time in the MORNING).

The silver lining to my non-gym morning-cloud is that I had time to make a really scrumptious breakfast.


I think I dreamed of this in my sleep, because I woke up knowing I needed (yes, neeeeeeeded) a broccoli and cheese omelet this morning. It was fantastico, if I do say so myself. I paired it with a whole-wheat banana nut muffin.

By 7am, I was dressed and ready for my day, so I stopped in at Starbucks to get my fix. (Note: I'm trying to cut back majorly on this.) Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte Decaf. I don't drink caffeine, and yet I'm still addicted!!! One of these days, we're going to all find out that Starbucks sneaks some sort of addictive agent into their coffees. Sigh.


I brought a Kashi bar with me in case I get hungry mid-morning. I had such a large breakfast, plus the coffee, so I'm not sure a snack will be necessary today. We'll see. I really need to buckle down a little more. Since I've quit food tracking, I've relaxed a little too much. I'm maintaining no problem, but I apparently need to lose about 15 pounds (so says trainer). I need to commit to posting every bite I eat. If I do that, I'm MUCH less likely to graze - which is my big problem right now. Yet if I post everything, I'll become crazy-obsessive about my food. Round and round I go. :) I suppose it could be worse. lol.

Well, everyone have a beautiful day. I'll catch ya later.



  1. A GREAT way to cut back on the 'Bucks is to work your way down from a Venti to a Grande to a Tall. Not only will that save you some calories, it'll also save you some ca$h monies! I used to be obsessed w/ the Venti Skinny SINammon Dolce but am now down to just a Tall Soy Latte - I find that w/ the Soy milk, you don't need the extra flavor (aka crap) added!

    Thanks for leaving me some love on my blog! I look forward to perusing yours!


  2. haha i love your broccoli in the first picture :)
    mmm and I love the kashi bar !

  3. Yum! The omelette looks great!!

    And, I'm totally with you on Starbucks- I have the real ones with real caffeine...but I think there is something more addictive about their coffee in general.

    Have a great day!

  4. Mmm your b-fast looked scrumptious! About the 'Bucks...I used to get a grande mocha frappuchino every day way back in the day. A lot of times it was a venti WITH whip. I cringe, I cringe. I then went through a grande non-fat white chocolate mocha EVERY single day phase -- and that was like 300 calories eesh. Now, I get a skinny latte every blue moon. BUT, i do make my own instant coffee every day with a little non-fat milk and Splenda. Here's my two cents: we all need to have a "treat" to keep ourselves going and to keep the balance. Life is not about living in restriction. If it's in your financial and calorie budget to have your skinny latte, I say have at it, girl! Leah's comment about moving down to a tall is a great suggestion as well though, I must admit!


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