Tuesday, June 2, 2009

27 Years That Count... Sharing the Joy

Happy Birthday Day to Meeeeeeeee. So far this birthday kicks butt!!!

Ok, so I'm 27 years young today. It's been four years now since I've committed myself to making my years count instead of counting my years, and this birthday has been the epitome of that philosophy.

I kicked off my birthday last week before I ever left Indiana. My mom took me clothes shopping and somehow I managed to get them all in my suitcase. Score for my excellent packing skills! On Sunday, back home in SD, hubby and I headed over to Souplantation to have a birthday breakfast. (I got a birthday coupon in the mail from them, and we're cheap, so whatcha goin do?) Then, he gave me my presents. He presented me with a big red birthday bag and inside was a bright red tea kettle I'd been wanting for a while.

Also, tucked away was an envelope for a set of personal training sessions - YAY!!!! They're expensive, so I've yet to ever get to work with a real trainer. How exciting is that?! In addition, my new yoga mat and bright red water canteen came in the mail from Sparkpeople, so it's been a fit and fabulous birthday for me. Tonight, we're going out to dinner, which is great, since my idea of a good birthday does NOT include doing dishes.

On top of all that coolness, on Friday, JGago will be joining us for a week in SD, which will be oodles of fun!!! I think we're even going to SeaWorld while she's here. I CANNOT wait.

So, to recap, I've got a fab new wardrobe, an awesome yoga mat on which I can either relax or learn to turn myself into a pretzel (see below), a cherry-red tea kettle I can brew tea in to wake my booty up so my new personal trainer can kick it, a dinner date with the most handsome man this side of the equator and a good friend coming to visit.


Yippy Skippy for a great 27th Birthday and a truly blessed life!!!

With love and joy to you,


  1. I love it all except for that creepy picture! Um... WTF? LOL. The tea kettle is uber duber cuteness. Can't wait to eat zucchini bread muffins <3 <3 <3

  2. That picture is hysterical to me. It looks like Owen Wilson lmao.


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