Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wall Art & Breakfast All Day

What does a food blogger put on her new kitchen walls?

Food, of course!

Okay, I can't hold out any longer to show you guys this. Guess what? Guess what?

Remember what our dining room looked like when we moved in? No furniture, nothing. Well, we finally got our dining room furniture delivered!

AMAYzing. Fabulous. Seriously. We opted for three different style seating options. A fully leather chair, a leather seat with wood backing, and a bench. The second leather chair sits in our bedroom, but we can bring it out to make this table a six-seater. And, what about that buffet? Do you love it or what?!?

Have I mentioned how much we love our new apartment?!?! Yay!

Today I've eaten breakfast all day long. Just call me Ihop.

Breakfast: Poached Eggs (with sea salt) and a buttered Ezekiel Muffin

Oats for Lunch.

I'm breaking out of breakfast for dinner, though. I've got chicken wings cooking in the crockpot. Caribbean Jerk marinade. Yum!

**Silly Survey**

Do you like to decorate?
What would you say is your decorating "style"?
Where do you get most of your decorating ideas from?


  1. Do you like to decorate? Yes!!!
    What would you say is your decorating "style"? Hm. I am pretty contemporary, but cozy. I don't like clutter. Clean lines are best.
    Where do you get most of your decorating ideas from? My mom and HGTV probably.

  2. Do you like to decorate? Love it just wish I had the finances to assist.
    What would you say is your decorating "style"? I would say contemporary with an earthy twist.
    Where do you get most of your decorating ideas from? My head...or what I think would look best!

    <3 S

  3. I adore well decorated homes but I have no patience for my own. Come hang some stuff on my walls please!! :-)

  4. OOOh I love those pictures! Where did you get them?

  5. I love it when my house is well decorated and it looks good but I have no interest in the process! I actually detest going furniture shopping and hitting stores like Home Depot. I'm missing the domesticity chip I think.

    Congrats on having an agent for your book! I am so envious (in a good way) that you are well on your way to being published. Thank you for your comment because I love hearing stories like yours!

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  7. I love dining tables that have chairs and benches!

    I love to decorate and ALWAYS have a decorating projecting going on I have about 5 going on right now :-/ I am not really sure what my decoratnig style is. I get ideas from some blogs and sites and just work with items that I love. I have a folder on my computer with about 10 million pictures of differnt decor ideas so I am always looking in there too to inspire me.

  8. Back to your site! I still read! but can't always comment - because a) blogger is a pain in the butt to me; and b) if i'm at's "sneaky" reading ;)...

    I think I would love to decorate - if I had something bigger than a "box" apartment to work with...ackkkk - sick of it...where is my dream house in Cali while writing on the patio deck watching the waves of the ocean...dreamer.

    I read you have an agent! I know I contacted a company about that before over the internet...but it always sketches me out...not sure if it's "real" or not, although it seemed the end after critique and stuff , I would have had to put up $600 or something for it...I backed out...

    My writing is all over the place, totally random as I have so much to worry about with work and then I try to read and alittle blogging...

    I don't even know what I'd want to write about!! If I ever had something written...could I send it you to read?? maybe?

  9. Love the furniture! Very nice bench, i like it a lot!
    Do you like to decorate? Not at all
    What would you say is your decorating "style"? Simple, classic
    Where do you get most of your decorating ideas from? My mom. She's coming to visit in 2 weeks to help me turn the attic in to a spare room, so the spare room can be the baby's room. I have no desire to do this job myself. My mom will get it done!!

  10. I really enjoy reading your blog and can't wait to follow it!
    I would love it if you could come check out my blog and follow :)

  11. i've had the same stuff on my walls forever. i would like to collect more eventually!


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