Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sea Salt and Salads

Sea Salt on salad is pretty much the best combo EVER!

Did you know? I didn't know... I feel like I've been deprived all my life.

Our lunch-y food stores are pretty depleted right now. Being the not-starving, but still pretty poor writer that I am, I tend to buy only what the hubby takes for his lunches and nothing for me, so I just "scrounge" for lunch. Today, I made a salad and used some plain penne in it for my grain.

The pine tree branch was giving me too much shade and totally messing with my shot.

Other stuff in there:

red leaf and butter lettuce
persian cucumbers
low fat string cheese stick
roma tomato
dark red kidney beans

Omg. Sea salt is amazing in a salad. You need to try it. Seriously.

On the side, I have a blueberry chobani and a clementine. I'm still eyeing the yogurt and fruit. The salad was big.

Now, I'm off to write my day away. I spent the morning dropping Ryan off at work and having coffee with a friend.

On the docket tonight is a nice long solo run (Ryan doesn't run on Tue or Thurs) and cuddle time with hubby. :)

P.S. Did anyone else think it was INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE that Crystal Bowersox didn't win American Idol?

:( I loved her!!! Oh well. So goes it. That other guy was good too.

**Silly Survey**

Did you watch American Idol?
Will you miss Simon?
Crystal or Lee?


  1. I had no idea sea salt and salad went together.

    Did you watch American Idol?YES! Crazy that Lee won, it makes no sense to me.
    Will you miss Simon? YES!
    Crystal or Lee? Crystal!

  2. Did you watch American Idol?Just the last few episodes since Crystal is from Toledo :)
    Will you miss Simon? YES!
    Crystal or Lee? Crystal! She is 394875843 times better than Lee hands down. Oh well she will become rich and famous and T-town can add her to our "famous" people list with Katie Holmes :0

    <3 S

  3. sea salt IS wonderful, especially on raw foods. so much texture!

    i stopped watching american idol a few years ago but i used to love it. i have even gone to a few tapings!

  4. I couldn't believe she lost either! I didn't see the show...but I heard the next day and assumed otherwise. Oh well, they'll both do well I'm sure :)

    Are you still working full-time now that you've got an agent? How does it work with your you have to write the whole thing to get it out there??

    I'm feeling very lost and hopeless right now...very much...

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