Monday, May 24, 2010

A Birthday Celebration of Hippie Sushi

Sorry I disappeared again! Weekend life is just way too exciting. :p

Over the weekend we celebrated our friend Christina's birthday with a wonderful sushi dinner at Harney's in Old Town.

I absolutely love sushi, but the husband can pass on it, so it was the perfect time to have a girls night.

Here's all of us at Harney's.

While we waited on the rolls to arrive, Christina opened her presents.

She got a great spa lotion from Dana, a starbucks card from Julie, a cool hiking book from JGago,

(JGago toasting the occassion)

and a leather bracelet from moi.

JGago and I decided to split three different rolls. We got the eel roll, california rolls, and the hippie roll. The first two were okay, but they paled next to the hippie roll. It's a food blogger's kind of food. Seriously.

Here's the restaurant description of the Hippie Roll:

Yes, I just took a picture of my screen because I don't remember how to do a screenshot. :p

It was great. The whole table ended up ordering a total of three of these rolls. Harney Sushi is really a fun time. They have a live dj and a club-type atmostphere with a wide selection of speciality sushi rolls at reasonable prices. In addition to the one in Old Town, which I'm guessing is original since it's on Harney Street, they have a location up in Oceanside, too. (Website)

Hippie Sushi - tempura and sweet potato, be still my heart...

Cali Roll. Standard.

Eel roll. Meh.


This is The Perfect Strawberry. Toasted cinnamon-encrusted strawberries served warm over vanilla ice cream.

It reminded me of Chi Chi's fried ice cream. Do you remember the song? Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you to you to you OLE!!!

I think she liked it. :) Happy Birthday darling!

We might have helped polish it off...

Well, this morning I was "punctured" as I always say after accupuncture, and now I'm about to furiously pound out five articles. Because tomorrow I'm going to LA! Pictures to come.

Lunch right now:

**Silly Survey**

What's your favorite "birthday restaurant?"
What does the perfect birthday look like to you?
Have you ever had a HORRIBLE birthday? What happened?

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  1. Well, this is fitting since I have a birthday this week... and now I want one of those Hippie rolls!

    Glad you had such a fun night out.

  2. Woo hoo! Good times had by all, myself included :)

  3. screenshot button is prntscrn, prtsc, or Print Screen button. Then you paste and edit ^^

  4. Sushi is one of my favourites foods to have when I eat out. Absolutely super.

    Have a great week!

  5. You gals are gorgeous!

    My fave birthday restaurant is a pub/grill type place with music, low lights, nachos and calamari for appetizers, followed by crunchy salads, steak, thin crust smoky pizza with cheese!, cheesecake for dessert...and frothy, fruity strawberry dacquiris with fancy names in big-bowled glasses and swirly straws....



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