Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grillin and Chillin on the EMW Reality Show

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

I work for myself, yet I still love Friday. It's ingrained.

Tonight, we had JGago and her roommate Nate over for dinner. Nate is an avid reader of EMW, which is incredibly cool to me, so "Hi Nate! You're famous."

Nate is the one that isn't Ryan. :p

Hubby fired up his new grill. And, let me tell you, this is not just any grill. This is THE grill. If Tim Allen was here, he would say "Augh! Augh! Augh!" Yes, it's that kind of grill. See for yourself.

And, when my husband grills, he REALLY grills (ie: everything grillable in the house).

Yes, everything but the kitchen sink. The plan was to make chicken fajitas, but we made the works.

JGago provided the corn tortillas, which she browned in a skillet while the chicken was cooking for the fajitas.

She is my sous chef. I generally always put her to work. Fun fact: Did you know she actually lives in the same apartment complex as me? If Eat Move Write is my reality show, she's a supporting actor. :)

The famed persian cucumbers. Of course.

My plate.

Okay, and here are a couple pictures of me. I have to seriously swallow some pride to post these pictures because this is me at a high weight again. Sigh... Consider these "before" pictures.

Mission Get Back into My Summer Wardrobe has begun. Seriously.

I didn't actually drink this wine. I just wanted to look cool.

Other than the obvious sweetness of my hubby here, this picture makes me shudder. Bleh. We need wakeup calls in life, yes? There will be low times and high times, low weights and high weights. Life goes on, and honestly, life is too beautiful to cry over 15 pounds. Sweat, not cry. It's my credo. Well, not really, but it is now.

Okay, going to chill with the hubs pre-bed.

**Silly Survey**

Do you have a grill?
Charcoal or gas?
What is your favorite meat/veg to grill?

Night night homies!


  1. I always like your positive attitude Jasmine.

    Do you have a grill? YES!
    Charcoal or gas? Propane
    What is your favorite meat/veg to grill? Burgers and pork tenderloin. I'm not a fan of grilled veggies.

  2. Yay! the fajitias were tasty and especially loved the grilled veggies. I'm still deciding on my feelings toward Persian cucumbers.

    Do you have a grill? Yes. It was free!
    Chargoal or gas? Gas baby!
    What is your favorite meat/veg to grill? Chicken kabobs with peanut sauce, zucchini, and squash... mmm!

  3. Woo, totally famous!

    Do you have a grill? Yes!
    Charcoal or gas? Charcoal is the only way to cook. What're you thinking Jessica!
    What is your favorite meat/veg to grill? I recently tried a tri-tip roast and it was to die for. A little on the more difficult side of barbecuing, but totally worth it

  4. Hi Jasmine,

    I saw your picture and thought Gorgeous As Always.

    We don't own a grill since we're veggies, but my favorite thing to grill is green or red peppers. MMMMM!

  5. Do you have a grill? Absolutely and I use it as often as possible!
    Charcoal or gas? Gas all the way!
    What is your favorite meat/veg to grill?
    Favorite meat to grill-chicken. Favorite veggie-hands down grilled zucchini with EVOO, sea salt, garlic powder and pepper! Fantastic!

    <3 S

  6. P.S you are always BEAUTIFUL to me...10 pounds more or less! I am in the same boat I know what you mean! :) XO

    <3 S


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