Sunday, May 16, 2010

Red Coffee Press!

Look what I got today!
It's a red coffee press! Red is my favorite color and coffee is my favorite beverage! Oh happy day!
As soon as I got this little sucker home, I had to try it out.
I heated water in my red tea kettle, brewed coffee in my red coffee press, and consumed in my red IU mug.

Coffee -- Did You Know?
  • Coffee is actually a seed, not a bean.
  • Some studies suggest that coffee consumption reduces the risk of being affected by diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes, dementia, and more. This might be related to the antioxidants found in coffee. These free radical-busting compounds are found in both caff and decaff varieties.
  • Coffee consumption can lead to iron deficiency in pregnant women (and their babies).
  • Instant coffee, like Starbucks' new Via, was invented in 1907.
  • People (in Muslim countries) were drinking coffee back in the 15th century, and at one point it was banned. Thirty years later, the ban was overturned.

    **Silly Survey**

    Do you drink coffee?
    Decaf or regular?
    How do you take it?

    Ryan is grilling out AGAIN! Talk to you guys later! :)

    P.S. An extremely interesting (and well written) blog by The Cranky One here. Check it out.


    1. i know a lot of people who have a lot of red stuff in the kitchen - such a happy color!

    2. I love red too! That press is beautiful.

      I drink coffee every day, sometimes multiple cups a day--always caf although I know decaf would be better for me. With sugar, no cream or milk.

    3. I recently realized that more of my kitchen things are red but I love the pop of color!

    4. I love me some coffee I am a caf kinda girl and I take mine with sugar and milk. Sometimes when am trying to cut out sugar I have mine with just milk but I dont enjoy it as much :-(

      Cute red coffee press. I have never used a press before they scare me for some reason lol

    5. Aren't all beans seeds? Unless you eat the pod with the 'bean seeds', then I guess you're eating a bean.
      Do you drink coffee? Eery day
      Decaf or regular? 1/2 caf, 1/2 decaf mixed
      How do you take it? Lots of milk, almost a latte. :)

    6. Do you drink coffee? ABSOLUTELY! One cup at home while getting ready for work and a coffee mug the first hour at work.
      Decaf or regular? I am a fan of regular...though I could do decaf...
      How do you take it? One scoop of Coffee Mate creamer and one splenda. Black coffee=yuck!

      <3 S

    7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee.
      I drink regular
      I take it with 2 Splenda or Sweet N Low

    8. I didn't even realize the coffee press I picked out for you was red. Imagine that!

      I made some coffee today in my press. I think it's the best way to drink coffee! I can't even drink the crap at Sbux anymore that we brew.


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