Thursday, March 4, 2010

Whole Foods = Highway Robbery

My first trip to Whole Foods...

Ok, so while I've lived in this beautiful city for three years, I've never ventured to Whole Foods. I've always wanted to go, but I don't live near one. Today, I had a meeting in Hillcrest. When I got out, it was 11:30, and I was starved. I thought, OMG! I'll head over to whole foods and get a salad like all the bloggies do...

I also wanted to buy some stir-fry veggies for tonights dinner. I found a big pack of already chopped fresh veggies for $4.51. It's includes alot of mushrooms, so I thought that was reasonable. Their prices on alot of stuff though were just ridiculous. I saw a $10 jar of pasta sauce. Their produce was WAY more than I'm used to paying even for organic. I was just not impressed. It had awesome ambiance, and of course, the famous hot food bar and the salad bar.

I was SO excited building my salad. I've seen it on the blogs a million times.

It contained: Romain, kale, tofu, bit of rice/quinoa, chick peas, edamame, broccoli, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, one dolma, a small bit of tabouli, blue cheese.

So, I bought a packed of veggies, a salad, and a little piece of dark chocolate. Do you know how much my total was? $17.50.

This salad cost me $12.30.


Had I not already been in line, I would have said forget it. That is RIDICULOUS.

I got this blasted salad home, and it didn't take like gold or anything. It didn't jump out of the box and dance. It was JUST A SALAD.


So, needless to say, while I enjoy the ambiance of the store and the whole organic-y thing, I have to say (regretfully) that I'm just not a fan of Whole Foods. I was really disappointed. They have a great selection of healthy foods, but these kinds of prices are yet another reason why people get on that "It costs too much to eat healthy kick." I am a staunch believer in eating healthy on a real-world budget. Whole Foods simply does not fit into that schema, and that really bums me out.

In other, stranger, news, I got pulled over today for running a stop sign (totally didn't see it). The cop that pulled me over was the NICEST guy. Considering how often you hear about cops being total jerks, I was pleasantly surprised. I got off with a warning (thankfully). The world of karma must have sensed I was about to get shanghai'd (sp?!?) later in the day at Whole Foods.

What are your thoughts on Whole Foods Stores?
Have you ever been pulled over by a traffic cop?  


  1. See, that's why you gotta shoplift like I do...

  2. Farmers' Markets. Place to be. Yep.

    gotta be sure you wash your food though. and your hands.

  3. Yes, you have totally converted me to the 99 cent store and Vine Ripe. You are the best little bargain shopper out there! I agree... I mean, even Trader Joe's is cheaper than that! There are some things though that I won't buy there. Especially since the 99 cent store has the Dannon Greek yogurt. That is just impressive to me =)

  4. I feel pretty much the same as you. We had lunch there once from the salad bar and I almost threw up when the cashier rang up our total. The closest WF's to me is an hour away so I don't get there much, but when I do I don't buy a heck of a lot.....and never prepared food!

  5. It's all about the lighting at those overpriced stores.

    I definitely go to the discount grocery store. The lighting may not make the produce look as appealing as it does at Whole Foods, but I'm not shopping for the experience. I like to get in and out of the grocery store as quickly as possible while spending the least amount of money.

  6. Whole foods reminds me of designer clothes-nice to look at but so expensive!

  7. I'm in Canada and our Whole Foods are missing a lot of the products yours have, however, it is expensive, but with a lot of things i can't find in other places. Usually if I go (which is not often, as I think there are only 2 in my province) I buy the things I can't usually find, and a couple 'treats'. Last time I bought some cookies from their bakery - SOOO good, and some fresh, homemade bison burgers. I try not to buy things I can get other places though.

  8. i love wholefoods. never got a salad there, but what i usually do is make my list for wholefoods (things that i can ONLY get there lol, like pb&co peanut butter or organics) and then i make a list for the local grocer where i can get the normal cheaper items (like eggs and stonyfield farms goods). you have to pick and choose w/ wholefoods... lol

  9. I do love Whole Foods. I stay clear away from the Salad Bar and Hot bar. What I do is buy the generic brand of some of their awesome foods. I also buy a lot of my nuts and grains in the bulk isle. Also I look for coupons to use there as well. Hope the salad was at least tasty :)

  10. I agree. I like Whole Foods in that it is a wonderland of food but it's WAYYYY too expensive!

    I think a good idea to just get the toppings you want from the salad bar and just get a bag of lettuce and combine. No point in paying $10/lb (or however much it costs) for lettuce and things you can eat at home.

  11. Hey, Jasmine!
    I think you´re totally right - US$12,30 on salad?!
    Pretty expensive, huh?
    But look through the brigh side. It´s all about the experience! Right?!
    Just found your blog, and I´m loving it, so far!
    Congrats on the weight loss, girl!
    Have an amazing Sunday!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,


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