Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pot Roast & A Baby Shower

Meet Baby Lily...

Actually, that's my friend Amanda, but Lily is in her tummy.

I've been meaning to update you guys with pictures from the baby shower I went to this weekend. I took so many pictures, it was a daunting task to go through them.

I arrived a couple hours early to help Autumn in the kitchen and with decorating. She was very frazzled, but it turned out completely awesome.


I helped her make cupcakes, iced cookies and cupcakes, and helped set up the table. We also served carrots, crackers, dip, mimosas, and plain OJ.

I brought good old fashioned pigs in a blanket to round out the fare. I used little beef sausages, because I don't eat beef. Otherwise, these would have been a downfall for me.

We also made dirt pudding. The flowers weren't edible, but everything else was. :)

For some reason, we had Mandy serving the dirt pudding. lol...

We played a game where we had to draw a baby's face on a paper plate on top of our heads. I won the contest for Worst Baby Drawing. I'm already a really bad artist.  I think I could have won it even without it being on my head.

It looks like a butt. Butt face baby.

My fabulous friend Kirsten and her plate.

Then, came lots and lots of presents. We gave her mostly clothes, because Amanda actually lives in Fairfax, VA. She moved last summer to join her hubby there for a job. Boo. :( I miss her!

"Love for Life"

I found pink Carebears stuff!!

The whole gang:

It was so much fun! Now, I can't wait to meet little Lily. She's due May 28!

Oh ya, this is a food blog..................................

Tonight, I brought out the crockpot because I found boneless pork ribs on the clearance rack at Vons. Yum-O!

My crockpot roast included:

- boneless pork ribs (clearance!)
- yukon gold potatoes
- red potatoes
- can of cream of mushroom soup
- water
- chopped fresh mushrooms (thrown in for the last 45 minutes)

Tonight, I have bookclub. We'll be discussing Isabelle Allende's Daughter of Fortune. LOVED this book. Going to go chill with hubby before I have to leave. xoxo

Do you enjoy baby showers? Do most of your friends have kids?


  1. That looks like a fun shower. I generally HATE showers (baby and wedding alike). But when they're small like that then they're actually fun :)

  2. Dirt pudding - YUM!!
    The shower looks like such fun!! One of my friends is actually pregnant and she's due in May, one week after she is supposed to graduate! So we shall see if she gets to walk :) Most of my friends do NOT have kids and are around the ages 20-22 but some do. And that freaks me out! I want kids, I love kids, but I cannot even begin to imagine having one right now!

    Best wishes!

  3. The Care Bears outfit is adorable. I have recently become a sucker for cute little baby things. Shh don't tell my mom or my husband they might start getting ideas.

  4. I've only been to one baby shower and it was a lot of fun!

  5. You know, I don't enjoy baby showers at all. The ones I've been invited to are always at least an hour away, on one of my few days off in the summer...if I have kids, I won't be having a shower at all. I think they're great for the people that enjoy them. Who knows, if it is ever my turn, maybe I'll change my mind!

  6. Did you really draw that?! That's hilarous! :)

  7. aww it looks like you guys had a fabulous time! i like baby showers and all the fun games and just sharing the excitement of a new baby coming into this world :)

  8. Pretty much all of my friends have kids... My husband and I are the odd ones out. Although we do have two cats who 'think' they're kids. ha, ha.

  9. It sounds like a really fun time! It's so sweet of you guys to throw one for your friend. Not many of my friends have kids, but those that do, they're adorable.

  10. Yes...I have kids :) No...I don't care for baby showers but I do love buying baby stuff so it's okay. I never had a baby shower....for either of my kids :(


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