Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Details, Details: Not all Rice is Created Equal


My good friend Jess, who occassionally appears on the blog has been doing a little Julie & Julia Project of her own with Eat Move Write recipes. Admittedly, this all strokes my ego perhaps a little too much, but it also makes me realize that I should probably pay a wee bit more attention to the recipes I put on here.

Here's why...

Today, Jess attempted my Chicken & Rice Bake. It's a frequent meal in the Myers household, and I've thrown that recipe on here probably more than a couple times. However, I've apparantly never specified that in order to bake it the suggested amount of time, you need to use QUICK COOK rice.

Um. Woopsy.

Dear Jess used Basmati rice and called me after the allotted time. What did I do wrong?!? Nothing, my friend. I'm just the eternal artist, impossible with the details. Forgive me.

Of course, she did forgive me, and she managed to get the recipe to turn out semi-normal, if slightly dry, after alot more baking. She sent me home with some leftovers. yay!

So, all this is to say, that for future reference, all rice recipes I make will use quick cook brown rice, unless otherwise stipulated. :D

Anywho, on to the food. Last night, I made one of my favorite foods in the world.

Ground Turkey Stroganoff
I will attempt to give you the incredibly no-brainer spices-in-a-packet recipe, hopefully with no gaping what-type-of-rice-to-use kind of holes.

1 lb ground turkey
1 bag of no-yolk egg noodles
1 cup light sour cream or greek yogurt
1 packet beef stroganoff seasoning (you can also use dry mushroom soup mix)
2 cups water (not counting the water needed to boil the noodles)

Boil noodles as directed, drain.
Brown meat. Once browned, add in seasoning (or dry soup) and two cups of water. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 5 minutes, stirring occassionally. Take skillet off heat and stir in the sour cream (or yogurt). Stir in the drained egg noodles.

Serve... So easy! I swear!

I made salads to go with the stroganoff. I used these funny bell-shaped yellow tomatoes I bought at the market. Love them!

Today has been busy, yet productive. My favorite kind of day. I'm about to work a bit more on my book and then go pick hubby up from work.


Here's a fun "finish the sentence" survey to do. Do you love surveys? I do! And, I love to read people's answers, so answer it! :p~

1. I wish I was in...
2. I want to get...
3. I can't...
4. I'm nervous to...
5. My Mom thinks I'm...
6. My Dad thinks I'm...
7. I'm happy when...


  1. My Answers:
    1. I wish I was in... Florence, Italy with my hubby
    2. I want to get... a second tattoo
    3. I can't... deal with disappointment very well
    4. I'm nervous to... publish my book and have the whole world know my failures (and triumphs)
    5. My Mom thinks I'm... incredibly brave
    6. My Dad thinks I'm... somewhat crazy
    7. I'm happy when... my hubby comes home

  2. 1. I wish I was in...Florida (I'm on vacay and missing my hubby)
    2. I want to get...a tan. (yeah sun is evil...but darn I'm looking white)
    3. I can't...wait for summer.
    4. I'm nervous to...sing karaoke.
    5. My Mom thinks I'm...obsessed with blogging.
    6. My Dad thinks I'm...slacking on my blogging.
    7. I'm happy when...with my son.

  3. 1. I wish I was in...bed
    2. I want to get...some new shoes
    3. I can't...tolerate shopping
    4. I'm nervous to...make a life change
    6. My Dad thinks I'm...a smartass
    7. I'm happy when...I accept myself.

  4. looks great!

    1. I wish I was in...Aruba
    2. I want to get...healthy!
    3. I can't...stop worrying
    4. I'm nervous to...buy a house
    5. My Mom thinks I'm...great
    6. My Dad thinks I'm...a little kooky I think;)
    7. I'm happy when...i'm with my husband at Fenway Park!

  5. 1. I wish I was in... better shape.
    2. I want to get... a grant so I can have an intern
    3. I can't...wait until farmer's markets start up.
    4. I'm nervous to...have employees under me for the first time.
    5. My Mom thinks I'm... a chip off the old block.
    6. My Dad thinks I'm... crazy hippy.
    7. I'm happy when... the sun shines.

  6. Glad my blunders in cooking made news on your blog! LOL I think I might try this strogonoff recipe next and see how I can mess that one up! hehe :)

    1. I wish I was in... Portland, Oregon or on a European vacation.
    2. I want to get... a job that has something to do with wine.
    3. I can't... wait to quit Starbucks!
    4. I'm nervous to... go to an interview tomorrow!
    5. My Mom thinks I'm... awesome.
    6. My Dad thinks I'm... not good enough.
    7. I'm happy when... I'm surrounded by the people I love best.

  7. 1. I wish I was in...San Diego visiting my Jaz ;)
    2. I want to get... my tattoo finished (weird that you said the same) Just went the other day to have an artist check me out :) I have BIG plans!
    3. I can't... eat raw tomatoes
    4. I'm nervous to... grow old
    5. My Mom thinks I'm...an amazing woman
    6. My Dad thinks I'm... his favorite :)
    7. I'm happy when... I can laugh for over 10 minutes with my daughter over absolutely nothing at all.

    <3 S


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