Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Glorious California Day

This day is absolutely beautiful!!! I wish we had a balcony. I would take my work outside and enjoy the sunshine.

I had an early lunch today. I was hungry around 11, which was a bit early for lunch, but too late really to eat a snack.

I had a green giant packet and persian cucumber sticks with a bit of sea salt.

I love the Green Giant Digestive Health side dish. It has two servings, but I eat the whole box as a meal.


I read my bookclub book while eating my lunch. It's called One Second After by William R. Forstchen. This book is terrible. The storyline is okay, but the writing is just absolutely ridiculous. I spend half the time I'm reading rolling my eyes. Ugh. It's a big book too.

Okay, back to work...

And, here's your Silly Moment of the Day :p

Either/Or Quiz

Books or TV?

Snowboarding or Skiing?

Rock or Pop (Music)?

Snow or Rain?

Sun or Clouds?

Night or Day?

Cookie or Cake?


  1. My answers

    Books or TV? books!!!

    Snowboarding or Skiing? neither, I'd break something important, I'm sure

    Rock or Pop (Music)? between those two, rock, i guess

    Snow or Rain? snow (i hate rain!)

    Sun or Clouds? sun!!!

    Night or Day? day

    Cookie or Cake? cookie, for sure

  2. I love those GG packets too! What's the difference b/w a regular cucumber and Persian?

    Books or TV? tv, but then book before bed:)

    Snowboarding or Skiing? neither

    Rock or Pop (Music)?: depends on my mood

    Snow or Rain?: rain!

    Sun or Clouds? sun!

    Night or Day? night

    Cookie or Cake? hmm...i'll say cake

  3. sorry you don't like your book! i hate that!

  4. Books or TV? books

    Snowboarding or Skiing? neither... sledding!

    Rock or Pop (Music)? pop

    Snow or Rain? warm tropical downpours

    Sun or Clouds? sun baby!

    Night or Day? day

    Cookie or Cake? yes please!

  5. Books or TV? Book

    Snowboarding or Skiing? Neither

    Rock or Pop (Music)? Rock

    Snow or Rain? Snow

    Sun or Clouds? Sun!

    Night or Day? Day

    Cookie or Cake? Yum Cake

  6. Books
    Hmmm...neither...I like pie :)

  7. You make the meals look so pretty! Ok quiz answers..

    Books or TV? TV

    Snowboarding or Skiing? I have not done either..but I would guess skiing.

    Rock or Pop (Music)? Pop if I had to choose.

    Snow or Rain? Rain, Snow is alot of work to clean up.

    Sun or Clouds? Sun definitely

    Night or Day? Day - Can't stay awake at night.

    Cookie or Cake? Cake - I love buttercream of my downfalls

  8. Books or TV? I love a good book but I have been lacking in attention lately. So right now-TV

    Snowboarding or Skiing? I think neither, I might injure myself. I would love to try them both however!

    Rock or Pop (Music)? Country...yeah I cheated. My musical tastes depend on my mood.

    Snow or Rain? RAIN!

    Sun or Clouds? SUNNY SUNNY DAYS make my heart happy!

    Night or Day? Ummm. Night since I am not at work and I can enjoy my daughter and life.

    Cookie or Cake? Nothing better than an ooey gooey fresh chocolate chip cookie.

    <3 S


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