Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Um... Chicken Explosion?...

Warning... If you are not already a vegetarian... might be after seeing this chicken.

This chicken started out its little life as a whole (uncut) chicken in my fridge. Something like this:

So, um... well...

I've never actually made a whole chicken, but I tend to be pretty fearless about trying new cooking things, so I thought, what the hey? Can't be too hard. So, I threw the bird in my crockpot with some onion soup mix and water.

Well, the problem is that I inherited this thing from my mom that always makes me terrified of poisoning my family via undercooked chicken. (I heard it atleast a thousand times growing up.) So, I cooked this bird for like oh... 7 hours on high, then like 2 more hours on low.

Yeah... Sigh...

I literally could not get the bird out of the crockpot. I tried sticking knives in each end and lifting out, but it was caving in on itself. Random bones started poking out every which way. (Shudder.) So, plan B was to drain the liquid, with the help of my trusting hubs. Together, we basically helped the bird do a sommersault into this glass dish. At which time, it unceremoniously exploded.

It might not have been pretty, but the meat was hellah tender though!

Ok, that's enough for tonight. I'm feeling woosy. I think I need to curl up and read a book. Anything to get my mind off that exploding chicken. Ugh!

P.S. (Answering an earlier question.) Persian Cucumbers are slightly smaller than "regular" cucumbers and taste better. To me, they taste less cucumber-y, which is good because I don't really love the other kind. They are amazing with lemon and sea salt. To die for.

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  1. I've never cooked a whole chicken in the crockpot before. It looks good though! Maybe next time just stick with something boneless, or cook the whole bird in the oven. Crock pot meat is always tender and fall-apart-ish.

  2. I can handle the chicken pic. :) I bet it was so tender and juicy. You should as Krista ( how she does her chicken in the crock pot. She made one just a few days ago - it stayed whole and looked great.

  3. I've done the same thing with those types of chickens before! I'm glad I'm not the only one! Even though it didn't look tasty, it sure was moist and tender :)

  4. Oh no about the chicken! I find the best way to make a whole chicken is in a roasting pan, or my in laws have made in a dutch oven. I'm sorry yours exploded:( Trial and error right? :)

    Thanks for answering the Persian cucumber ? :)

  5. that looks yummy! grapes are always good w/ chicken & rice.

  6. Hope you saved the dripings! Those are like liquid gold and make for a mean chicken stock! ;)

  7. this reminds me of when i was in high school, and we stuck fireworks in a chicken for the 4th of july

  8. I have never made a whole chicken before. I usually cheat and get a premade one from the deli at the store. :(

  9. If it collapsed that means it is really is the way to make it tender!

  10. Disgusting pic and hilarious story!!!
    I am glad the chicken meat was ok after all.
    People get very scared of food poisoning and it's important to remember that knowing where your food came from can help.
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