Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tomatoes and Sprouts and Brown Rice, Oh My!

Hey guys! I hope your week is starting off well. Mine works. Took my vitamins and minerals test today - a piece of cake! Woohoo! It was 65 questions. I questioned myself on maybe 2 of them. Always a good feeling to breeze through a test.

I've been cooking alot with brown rice lately. The other night I make coconut rice with peas and had it for lunch yesterday, along with sprouts, tomatoes and my last morningstar burger. I bought the Morningstar burgers in a large pack at Costco and it lasted us forever. Great deals!

I guess I was hungry yesterday because that's a realllly big lunchy.

Today's lunch was a little more reasonable. More rice! Last night, my friend Mandy came to dinner. She was here visiting from DC and is preggers!!!! I wanted to make something simple, so I threw together some veggies, chicken breast and more brown rice. Very good dinner. I had the leftovers for lunch today, along with some cut up roma tomatoes. I bought a whole pack of roma tomatoes at the 99 Cent Store! Can you believe that?! I was so excited.


Later, I had some organic blueberry yogurt and some fat blackberries I picked up at Henry's. Yum.


Tonight's dinner will likely include more brussels sprouts and some zucchini, since they're about to go bad. Not that I mind. I think I could eat brussels sprouts every day. Stay tuned.

Is there a vegetable you could eat every single day?


--Mrs. Myers

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  1. Once you go brown, you'll never go back to the bland white rice again. Try sauteing the rice in a little oil or butter before adding the water; it really brings out the nuttiness of the rice.

  2. I eat brown rice a few times a week as a base for big bowls of deliciousness (rice and veggies with either tofu, beans or fish). So good and so easy to make different variations.

    Rice with sauteed sliced almonds, mushrooms, butter and pepper is a great combo as well.

    As for veggies, I DO eat the same veggies pretty much every day--broccoli and asparagus usually find there way into my meals every day.

  3. I much prefer brown rice to white too. I think it's tastier.
    I could eat loads of veggies everyday especially salad veggies and broccoli.


  4. I could eat brussel sprouts every day. Oh man, are they good!


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