Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting My Shop On

Because yesterday was super-cala-fragilistically busy, I didn't make it out for my usual Sunday grocery shopping errands. So, I went today. Per usual, I combined coupons, sales and a shopping excursion at the 99 Cent store to get amazing savings. You already know.


99 Cent Store: $26.98
-2 boxes of Turkey Sausage
-1 Lean Cuisine
-3 lbs Ground Turkey (in 1lb rolls)
-Alaskan Polluk (99 Cents, holy cow)


-Onion Soup mix (4pack)
-16 oz bag frozen peas
-Quaker granola bars
-Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth
-3 Rolls Soy Chorizo
-2 cans lite tuna
-16 oz bag frozen corn
-16 oz bag frozen california blend veggies
-16 oz bag frozen green beans
-pack of 6 tomatoes
-1 can cream of chicken
-glass cleaner
-3 Christmas-related things


Vons: $49.18


-Box Raisin Bran
-2 jars Ragu
-2 jars Skippy PB
-1 bottle smoky pepper seasoning
-1 box whole grain spaghetti
-1 roll paper towels
-18 eggs
-gallon of 1% milk
-2 bottles juice
-Big pack cinna-raisin muffins
-HUGE Pack Skinless Chicken Breast ($6.62!!!)
-red delicious apples
-12 oz red raspberries ($3.00!!!)
-2.5 gallons drinking water


Yes, I am a professional shopper. Thank you. Thank you. No need for applause. You're too kind.

All jokes aside, I have literally HALVED our grocery bills since I began my freelance career. It's amazing what you can do when you have to.

I love my life today, and I hope all is well and beautiful in yours.

--Mrs. Myers



  1. I want a 99 cent store near me! that's awesome!

  2. Wow good job!!!! smart shopping

  3. You did awesome!! That's so impressive!

  4. We have £1 stores but they don't sell groceries. boo hoo.
    Great shopping list.


  5. Good for you. I am so impressed by the raspberries.

    What is your secret--do you take notes from the Sunday inserts?

  6. When are you going to shop for me? ;)

  7. You are an awesome shopper! I wish we have stores like that here in our area. I am also working on chopping off a portion of our grocery budget. I hope I'll be successful. Just dropping by. :)
    - Kaith

  8. WOW. That is so freaking impressive. Thanks for posting it too, because I never know if I'm doing a good job shopping or not.


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