Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This might not look like much...

But it's sooooo good!

Lately, I'm on my kick of one hardboiled egg chopped up and topping a toasted whole wheat english muffin with a little earth balance butter. SOOOO good. It looks completely unglamorous, but seriously... try it.


After class, I had an unpictured cherry pie larabar (LOVE). For lunch, I threw together another favorite: baked potato stuffed with black beans and a smidge of shredded cheese. It didn't fill me up, so I also had an apple later.


As Rachel Ray would say, YUM-O!

Dinner was Tuna Helper Bloggie-style. I added cracked black pepper and chopped (fresh) zucchini. Served with a side of roma tomatoes.


Today was a busy day, but I felt like I couldn't get anything done fast enough. Here it is after 5 o'clock, and I still have a long list of "stuff" to write, do and study. Boo! :(

Tomorrow will be another busy one. How was your humpday? Are you ready for the weekend?

See ya tomorrow!

--Mrs. Myers

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  1. i like your bloggie style tuna helper. yum-o indeed.

  2. I'm defo ready for the weekend.

  3. Love that potato, but you're right, it's never enough for a mean. :-(

  4. Eee! NO! No hard-boiled eggs! Haha, sorry, I just have a bad aversion to hard-boiled yolks! But I suppose those almost taste like egg salad...and egg salad, I like! :-)


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