Friday, November 20, 2009

I Miss Daylight Savings Time

Good evening! My brain is currently the consistency of what my grandmother would call "mush melon. " I think unless you're from the Midwest, you won't know what that is.

Today's lunch was colorful and tasty. I had a red-pepper hummus, honey turkey and spinach sammy on whole grain bread with tomatoes and a clementine on the side. I had an apple about 10 minutes later, as well. I'm addicted to apples lately. I love the crunch.

After lunch, I worked and worked and worked some more. Then, I did a quick 4.75 mile walk before the sun went down. And, considering the sun goes down at like 4:30pm, I really did have to book it. I swear, at 5pm, it could be midnight for all you know just by looking outside. :-/

Now, my tummy is working up a nice appetite for supper, but I have no desire to cook!! What to do? I think my vote is to hit the shower and let hubby deal with it. What do you think? :D

I'll let you know what we figure out.

--Mrs. Myers



  1. Thank you for visiting my blog...I am new to this so I appreciate the support! Congratulations on accomplishment! Your before and after pics are just amazing. You look happy!

  2. I don't think I've heard of mush melon before, but I'm pretty sure I can relate to that feeling! lol

  3. wow that's a very healthy meal! They look very colorful!!! I should spend more time arranging all the parts of my dish :D


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