Friday, November 20, 2009

Be Green: Recycle Your Food

In my quest to leave no leftover unused, I used the kidney bean and spinach rice dish again for dinner last night. I skillet-browned some tilapia fillets and served with cut-up apples on the side. Simple and quick (required). Mr. Myers thought it was mighty tasty too, so it was a hubby-approved meal.

This morning is very busy. I'm working on a lot of great projects right now (possibly too many, but that's how I work), none of which can I share with you at this time! :p However, I'm very excited, and can say only that there's going to be some changes that I think you guys will love! Thank you for all your support.

Much love,
--Mrs. Myers



  1. I love recycling my leftovers. It rocks!

  2. I'd much rather use leftovers for another meal than throw them away.
    Ooo can't wait to hear about your new projects.


  3. Great point- so important to try to find new ways to use our food!


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