Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where Not to Eat in San Diego

Let me first say that I am generally open minded to different types of food. I was looking forward to trying a new kind of food. I'd never had Filipino food and I went without any real pre-conceived notions since I'd never even seen it before. There were six of us, two of which were Filipino, so I felt assured I would get an authentic experience at Goldilocks.

I ordered something from the "Favorites" menu called Pancit Palabok. It is described as this: White fine noodles topped with Palabok sauce and Vegetables, Spices, and garnished with Green onions, Boiled eggs, Tofu, and Ground chicharon.

Tofu, eggs, vegetables... ok, sounds good, right? Let me tell you what it was actually like. I was noodles, yes, with tofu and a boiled egg, no vegetables at all and the "ground chicharon" was actually bacon bits. The sauce tasted exactly like the grease you leave in the skillet after you fry bacon. EXACTLY like that. I ate a bit of it and felt instantly nauseous. Like, who's "favorite" is this? I kept trying other people's stuff trying to find something that redeemed the food. Nada. I hate that because I its hard enough to get Ryan to eat ethnic food to begin with and usually I love it.

Since obviously I wasn't full or anything, I decided to get dessert (that particular restaurant is evidently VERY well known for their desserts). When we told the waitress, she acted all annoyed because she'd already printed our bill (um... you shoulda asked lady?...). So, we just ended up getting a slice of their chocolate loaf to go (this was VERY good, by the way. very moist.) and no one else got dessert.

No pictures. It was very crowded and I just felt uncomfortable bringing out my camera. We did, by the way, still have a nice time talking and stuff, even if the food (and service) was horrendous.

This morning's breakfast was a bit more my style.

Scrambled eggs and eggbeaters w/broccoli and toast. Adding broccoli beefed it up so much I could only eat maybe 3/4. YUM!

Okay, I'm outta here. I have a date with the hubby at the gym.

It's SATURDAY!!!! Enjoy! :)


-Mrs. Myers



  1. Sorry about the yucky meal last night!!

    Breakfast looks delish, hopefully that makes up for last night!

  2. wow I am so sorry your meal was horrible!! that really does not sound appealing at all the way you described the taste.

    breakfast looks great though :)

  3. aw too bad. my best friend growing up was filipino and i had some amazing food experiences....

  4. I have never had filipino food either. I hope that you get to try it again one day and have a better experience. Unless this one has put you off for life.

  5. Sorry about the bad meal, but the eggs look like my kinda eggs :)


  6. Oh yuck! That sounds gross. Sorry you had such a bad experience.


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