Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Day of English Muffins

English Muffins anyone?... I had an english muffin for breakfast and an english muffin for dinner. And I didn't take any pictures in between! I have an excuse though.

It's Thursday.

Thursday is officially the busiest day EVER for me. I feel like the entire day somebody's lit my house on fire and I'm frantically working to put it out.

Most other days are cool, though, so its a trade.

So, like I said, it was a day of english muffins. I have this rule that says, "Thou shalt not consume the same bread product in one day." (Yes, my rules, are all written in Biblical speak.) I break this rule occasionally thanks to my love affair with whole grain wraps and now, today, with english muffins. It happens. It really does, and life goes on despite it.

This morning, I had my usual delicacy: English Muffin w/PB and a banana.


The middle of the day was chaos. I did okay... This is my one week per month to eat a bit ridiculously and that's all I have to say about that. ;)

After work, I seriously came home and laid on the bed for twenty minutes and stared at the ceiling. I highly recommend this as a way to reset your mind after a day spent fighting fires. I was still laying there when hubby came strolling in and had the audacity to laugh at me and the drool hanging from my lip.

Around 7pm, I met Heather at the track for a tough 3.5 miles run. Every bit of it was difficult for me today, but I finished it and, as always, I'm glad I did.

I was really glad to get home, where I put together some scrumptious veggie burgers with melted pepperjack on, what else, toasted english muffins. I had mine with a side of broccoli and chocolate. Wait... did I say chocolate? Let's check the picture...


Nope. No chocolate there. Must not have happened. Phew.

Cheers. Unless you live where I live, you're probably reading this on a Friday. What's better than Friday?

-Mrs. Myers



  1. I love English muffins almost as much as bagels. Both are to excessive carbwise. I'm a carbaholic.

    Great job on going out for the run!

  2. I think I need to make out the 10 food commandments for myself. Hmmm great idea. Thou shalt no have bread in the house in any form whatsoever!!! English muffins are a red light food. Oh my if I have no pb or soy margarine I will find something to put on it. Yes, red light foods are no good for me. Does anyone know how to control the urge to devour red light foods in your own home?

  3. I think we can let the English muffin double dipping slide...just this once though. Don't let it happen again ;)

  4. Don't worry about eating two in one day. As long as you normally eat a variety of foods, I'm sure you'll be doing fine :)

  5. You're doing great!

    I see a spot on that
    plate where some dark
    chocolate would have
    made a nice addition.
    That is, if you like
    dark chocolate.

    It's good for you. So
    it should be okay to
    eat a small amount,

    Now if I could just eat
    a small amount, I would
    be doing fine. :~)

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Your chunky peanut butter looked sexy sitting in that bread! I LOVE PB and I finally gave in the other day and bought some real PB. I was on a search for some healthy low cal, low fat PB. I never found any great tasting healthy PB so I was like forget it!!! I'm eating real PB!!

  7. mmm broccoli!! :) makes me smile hehe. i just can't do pb on EM's though. it's just too much. i don't know. maybe i'll have to try almond butter instead.

  8. really, what better meal then english muffins!


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