Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It Never Rains in California

However, it appears to rain cats and dogs in Indiana. Back home, they're sittin pretty soggy from what I hear. Southern Indiana/Northern Kentucky was apparantly pelted with like 8 inches in an hour or something. Cars floating in the streets, a bad deal.

Here, its just hot and dry and hungry.

No, wait, that last part is just me. Sigh... Let's just say I've had better food days. That said, I've also had worse and my car wasn't floating in the parking lot. So, no complaining today. No sir, no way. :)

My planned menu today was a bit derailed. I ended up doing alot of errands this morning, during which I grabbed a Pistachio Larabar. Yum!


For lunch, I had leftovers and an Enjoy Life Chocolate Bar. Two bars in one day. Not so great.


The afternoon dissolved into food-chaos. Translation: food consumed without time for pictures. Here's one.


Dinner brought joy to hubby for sure. It was definitely his kind of meal. Not so much mine, so I paired with a lovely spinach salad and used a small plate. Not my typical thing, but very tasty.

Chicken, Broccoli and Brown Rice Bake

Tomorrow will be a sketchy day. I have to go to the office, which always means a battle with stress eating and getting off my schedule. Today's bad eating was probably a reflection of anticipation. Please root me on, so I stick to my planned menu. :)

On the Menu: Thursday

whole wheat english muffin w/PB and a banana


Leftovers w/a Watermelon Yogurt

broccoli, tomatoes w/hummus and a cheesestick

(Run with Heather)

Eating Right Veggie Burger w/one piece of toast, melted w/pepperjack cheese and more broccoli (gotta use up that Hugh Jass bag!)

Today, I didn't go to the gym. I was way too busy, but I did use the 40 minutes the casserole was baking to workout. Squats w/40 pound weights, 100 abs, pushups, jumping jacks, and this exercise using a 20 pound weight that I have no name for.

Now, I'm feeling drowsy and my book is calling my name. Maybe a cup of tea too. The guys are playing Xbox and giggling and smack-talking each other like kids. All is right in the world.

-Mrs. Myers

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  1. i adore california weather. i afraid i may never be able to go back to seasons again!!!

  2. Hope your day goes well and is stress-free!

  3. you go girl! just remember to take 5 minutes here and there at work for your own sanity!

  4. No fair. Your food always looks better than my food.

  5. geez 8 inches!? thats insane amount of rain!
    I found that bar to be just meh too.
    love all of the eats girlie!

  6. i know you can do it! don't work too hard. just work enough. we have to be happy we at least have jobs these days right?! :D food looks delicious. that chicken mmmmm!

  7. It's been raining all day here in VA, too. I can't wait to escape to LA.

  8. You can do it! You can do it!!

  9. I'm late for the rooting but I'm still rooting for you anyway.

    That taco salad wrap thing looked good.


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