Saturday, May 2, 2009

Roses, Shopping and Midnight Meat Train

This is a picture of a rose in the courtyard of our apartment building. I told my mom all about them when we moved in, and she told me to take a picture. Huge!

So, this weekend is dedicated to getting my office together for my upcoming work transition. Things have been coming together for that, a few bumps, but all the same, things're moving forward. JMyers Consulting is on its way. My office will actually take up one wall of our dining room. There should be room for a small, bar style table in addition.


Today, we started the day by having lunch at the Rhinoceros Cafe in Coronado. It was a beautiful, warm day here in sunny SD. On our way back, we went to Ikea and bought shelves for the wall above my desk. We absolutely love our apartment, but we've had to be creative with storage solutions. Our desk is small, no drawers really, so that makes for an ever more complicated challenge with a home-based business.

These are the shelves I will put above my desk. Three, askew.

Afterwards, we went to one of Ryan's favorite stores, Best Buy, where we bought a new computer and printer. My computer was out of date and getting slower by the day. Time for an upgrade.

My cool new HP is bronze/chrome. It has a really large screen too. Awesomeness!

We spent like an hour and a half at Best Buy (a long story which ended with us getting like a 15% discount). By that time, we were starving and I knew I had nothing thawed, so we stopped at a little Italian place near our house. It turned out to be this adorable cafe that offers free dance lessons several days a week. We picked up a pizza (which was really good - even though I usually hate pizza) and we came home to crash. (No worries. I paired it with a salad, so I'd feel atleast somewhat healthy.) Now, I'm sitting here typing this blog and he's working on our new computer and printer. Oh, and we're watching one of the grossest movies I've ever seen. Midnight Meat Train. If you ever want to rent it, don't. It's gross, stupid and what's with that name?!?!

Ok, that's it for today's rambling. I hope life is good for you all.

xoxo -j


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