Sunday, May 17, 2009

Las Vegas and Weekend Wonderful

So, I'm back from Vegas. The first picture above is my hotel. I was on floor 25. The second set of pictures is from Lavo, the nightclub where the party was I had to attend on behalf of my company. It was a cool place, strange theme. Bathroom themed. There were sinks of running water all over the place and glowing golden towel racks all over the wall. Free drinks, dancing, the whole bit. Too bad I was there for work. It was fine, completely wiped me out as always. When I left the tradeshow Friday, I went right to the airport and immediately changed into my sweats and sneakers. It's tough doing heels for two days straight (day and night). I arrive home in SD completely excited to enjoy a wonderful RELAXING weekend. I get in the car with my amazing husband and he says, "Why are you dressed like that?! We're going to dinner with friends! Surprise!" My response was, "huh? what?" So, I hopped in the back seat of his car (tinted windows, thankfully) and dolled myself up yet again. Considering I had been dressing to work in Vegas for two days, my attire was a bit dressy for Rock Bottom, but regardless, better than sweats.

Saturday was my day of rest. I was completely wiped out. We went up to Ashley's and bought the table I pictured in my last post. It was on mega sale, like half off! AWESOME! He requested a Thai Chicken/Rice dish I make, so I threw that together and we sat down (on the couch, since as yet we have no table) to watch Into the Wild. Nice, relaxing. Just what the doctor ordered.

Today is Sunday. I'm just now feeling like a human again. Not sure why that happens to me when I travel. Luckily I seemed to have left my gigantic appetite in Vegas, so I'm back to eating well, which is great. This morning, I cleaned the house and went to the grocery store. We had a light lunch. I made Chicken Ceasar Wraps. I had mine with a side of steamed cauliflower. Ry had a side of grapes and a strawberry yogurt. Yes, back to healthy eating - woohoo! We watched the Lakers win (YAY!) and ever since I've been sitting here working on my upcoming Consulting Endeavor (sigh - complicated). Once I'm done with this post, I'm heading over to the gym for a swim. Making tuna noodle casserole for dinner tonight, and I think we have The Mist on DVD from NetFlix, so should be another easy night rolling into a short week (going home to Indiana on Friday). Hoping you're enjoying weekend wonderful, too.



  1. I stayed at Treasure Island one of the nights I was there too. Nice rooms and great view if your facing the strip! Though I agree, next trip should be non-business.

  2. Jasmine,
    One minute you got me thinking
    about exercising, and the next
    minute you got me thinking about
    eating :~)

    I'm on my way to the kitchen
    for some Chicken Marsala. I'll
    do my dancercize tonight :~)


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