Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo... Almost Friday

Randomly found this quote, and thought I'd post it. It makes me think of the ongoing joke I have here at work with my buddy Ricardo. Sometimes we have a language barrier, but a phrase he knows for sure is "Almost Friday." We say it even on Monday mornings. It's like our private joke that requires no real interpretation. I'm always tripping, scrambling my way like a mad chicken toward the weekend, the only time I feel like the "real me." I wonder what would happen if I just stopped, put aside whatever the crap is that I'm trying so hard to trip and stumble over and just learned to accept how great it is to be alive and well (as so many aren't right now) on this random Tuesday afternoon. What would happen if I just accepted that "old nonsense" for what it is and just simply let it go. What would happen if I put down my constant quest to do something bolder and more amazing and instead tried to find the bold and amazing in what I'm already doing?...

Food for thought.


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  1. There's nothing wrong with accepting where you are, but don't let that sidetrack you from where you want to be...


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