Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Avatar is Giving Me a Self-Image Issue

So, I recently took on a new writing job that requires me to have a yahoo messenger account. I had to create an avatar. Okay, I technically, didn't have to, but I did. Because it was fun. So sue me.

Here it is:

Yahoo! Avatars

Um. My avatar is cuter than me. :(

Can someone explain why there's no way to make my avatar a little less... skinny? Because that so does not look like me, even if she does have blue eyes and reddish brown hair. So. Not. Me. It feels like I'm letting down scores of teenage girls by having a skinny minny avi. Sigh...

Nag-less is going well. I'm about to go eat lunch. I'll try to snap some pics.

How's your day?


  1. avatar doesn't look like me either. There was no 'fat' option :)

    Glad the 'nagless' is going better!

    My day is good...I guess. Uneventful anyways. Although I forgot my wallet at home this morning and had to back for it. But I started listening to 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' on CD in the car and I'm enjoying it so far!

  2. always remember - your avatar isn't you!

  3. If you turned the hair pink, would you feel better?

  4. My day is fine. A little too early to tell, but off to a good start!
    The avatar is cute. I dont think anyone could ever make that actually resembles them.

  5. I would be annoyed too if they only offered me a skinny avatar! Jeez, women are supposed to have CURVES! In my opinion, an avatar with a little badonkadonk would be cuter, anyway.


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