Thursday, December 24, 2009

So this is Christmas...

Happy Christmas Eve!!!

Unlike many of your favorite bloggers, I don't have tons of pictures of family and cookie-baking time. BUT, I want to talk to you about Christmas, about what it really is.

You can't always be where you want to be. This is the lesson I'm learning at the holidays.

This is my second Christmas in a row not going home. In 2007 when I did go home, my brother fell ill and we missed Christmas altogether. What I'm realizing is that Christmas is about family, wherever you are. If you can't be with your "real" family" make your own.

This year, like last, Ryan and I will spend Christmas with our roommate and his brother, as well as his 17-year-old son. These people are my California family. They are the noise and laughter and full bellied friends with whom I share my holidays now that I'm 2500 miles away from my family. And, it's okay.

Christmas is like life: things change. And, if I've learned nothing in life, it's that change is good. Learning to make the most of life wherever I am is a gift in and of itself. :)

Happy Holidays!


Last night's dinner: Leftover White Chicken Chili Salad and a partridge in a PEAR tree.


Today is busy. To do:

-Meeting at 9am
-Trader Joe's for last minute shopping
-Write articles
-Wrap presents
-Work on Book Outline
-Spend time w/hubby

Merry Christmas!



  1. When I first spent Christmas away from home, I cried. Then the second time when we spent it with my husband's family, I cried again because I missed my mother and sisters. It started getting okay when I had my son because of course, I have my own family already. You're right, Christmas is about family, wherever you are. Merry Christmas!
    - Kaith


    Loved looking at your Christmas pix :)

  3. hey pal! long time no talk. i hope everything is going great for you and that you had a fabulous christmas and will have an amazing new year's!! :)


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