Friday, December 11, 2009

Little Kid Friday

Today has been a busy one. Ryan and I careened out the door because I had to drop him off at work, so I could use the car. It's raining and I have to go to class (my last one this semester). I'm getting ready to head out.

I had a little kid lunch. PB&J, apple, and pretzels. Delish!
I have so many meals to show you guys over the past few days. I will update again very soon. I have some major writing to do this afternoon after class, and then... time to cram for finals!!!
--Mrs. Myers

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  1. I find the best strategy for finals is to not study at all. That gives your brain a chance to access the old information stored away in there and makes it an almost certainty that you'll ace the tests. It's guaranteed to succeed!

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