Friday, December 18, 2009

Apple Imposter and Friday Productivity

Today was productive. I met with a client who needs his book edited, and I'm currently working on MY book outline, which will be part of the package I give to the editors and agents I meet with at the end of January.

It's so weird to not have to go to school. Last night, I kept feeling pressured, like I should be doing something else, when really all I had to do was hang out with hubby. It was nice!! :D

This morning hubby dropped me off at the gym on his way to work. (We still don't have a second car since his accident, so I have to walk or get dropped off everywhere while he's at work.)In fact, after this post, I'm about to give our insurance company a piece of my mind. My dear sweet hubby is way too nice for this business.

After the gym, I walked home and had scrumptious chocolate-peanut butter oats. I make them with water and chocolate soy, then I use a small spoon of natural peanut butter. Tasty!


I didn't eat again until lunch, which was leftovers. See last night's vegetarian rice mix. This afternoon, I'm chomping on a cute little apple. Well, actually it's an apple imposter. The entire bag of apples has tasted like pears. It's plain weird.

My cute little pear-apple:


Tonight, I'm supposed to hang out with my friend Kirsten, but she's feeling under the weather. We'll either have a chill at home night or forego all together.

Stay tuned.

--Mrs. Myers



  1. Ha! I am the one who usually takes care of the "mean" stuff too. Hubby is too nice sometimes. We girls are stronger, I'm telling ya. :)

  2. Good luck!!

    ~new to your blog and wanted to say hi - your story is so inspirational! ;)


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