Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's a Wrap!!!

Lately, I've been back in my "wrap" moods. Remember when I was eating them all the time? Well, they're baaaaaaaaaacccccck.

The hubby's FAMOUS Chicken FaJEETas.


He uses orange and yellow peppers. So yummy.

Today's lunch was the usual broccoli, kidney, hummus wrap with an open sided-fold (much like the envelope fold without the extra "fold"). Yes, I'm a connoiseur of wrap folds, and you are just jealous.

Right now, I'm having a spot of coffee and working on Biology. The weather has turned cold her in Southern California, so I'm wearing one of those (fakey) velvet jump suits. I love it!!!! I also love winter hats, scarves, boots, and sweater dresses.

What's your favorite winter wear?

Hope life is wonderful!
--Mrs. Myers


  1. Thanks for getting back to me about the Trader Joe's pizza! I'll have to get it the next time I'm there, because I am DEFINITELY a pizza person! lol

    To answer your question, my favorite winter wear is my coat. I got it from a Gap out in Los Angeles before we moved back to NYC a couple of years ago, and it fits me perfectly!

  2. mm girlie this looks fantastic!!
    totally loving the broccoli on the side!

  3. I've never thought to wrap kidney beans and broccoli. Looks great! My favorite winter wear are my fuzzy sweaters. They're like comfort food for my body. Mmmmm. I just wish it was colder in TX.

  4. I love all the winter clothing, especially the wooly tights that I wear with skirts.



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