Wednesday, October 14, 2009

(Almost) Vegetarian Awesomeness

Tonight's dinner was crazy good. It was (almost) vegetarian. Almost, because I used some chicken stock in my rice. Otherwise, it was a cornucopia of vegetarian awesomeness.


The brown rice included chicken stock/water, spinach and a 1/2 can kidney beans (dark red). On the side, we had baked asparagus w/Mediterranean Sea Salt and Ground Black Pepper.

I studied while I cooked, while I ate and now... back to it.

(Check out the rest of my day here.)

Coming Soon: No Fat - Reduced Sugar Pumpkin Brownies (Recipe by my Dietetics Instructor)


--Mrs. Myers



  1. So good to see you!! Hope school and life are going great!

  2. I love rice and beans. That looks so good. Good luck on the studying.


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