Saturday, October 17, 2009

Breakfast and a Trader Joe's Trip

Good Morning Beautifuls,

It's another warm day here in SoCal. We're all very ready for Fall, and this re-emergence of warm weather is NOT welcome. Boo. :(

I'm out of english muffins (and just realized I didn't buy any more), so I had two slices of Ezekial Cinnamon-Raisin Bread w/PB and a small apple. Along with my Candy-Cane mug of 8th Continent Light Chocolate Soy Decaf. Yum.

On a paper plate. Not very sustainable, I know.


After breakfast, Mr. Myers and I hit up Trader Joe's. I had already put all the groceries away when I realize I hadn't taken any pics. So, I brought a few items back out for a photo shoot. this is a small portion of what we bought, but you'll get the idea.


-Frozen Pizza
-Whole Wheat Bread
-Brussel Sprouts
-Puttanesca Pasta Sauce
-Soy Chorizo
-Strawberry Leather
-Dark Chocolate Bar
-Apricot-Mango Greek Yogurt
-Strawberry Probiotic Yogurt
-a Pomegranate
-a food model (every blog needs a food model)

I was especially excited about these.


Pre-cut and ready to go Greens. Ahhhhhh! I hear angels singing.

-Dozen Eggs
-Diced Onions (we freeze the majority of them - I hate them, Mr. loves them)
-Walnut Halves
-a couple Lara bars and a Luna bar
-1% Milk
-Chicken Teriyaki in a bag
-Organic Romaine
-Honey Nut O's Cereal
-Roma Tomatoes
-Earth Balance Butter
-NF Plain Yogurt

Ok, I'm off to study for my lab test.


--Mrs. Myers



  1. We have the same problem here. Everybody's ready for fall but it just ain't happening! :/

    Your food model is so cute :)

  2. That stuff looks so much better than the stuff I get at my local store: Traitor Joe's. Grrrrr...

  3. I'm jealous of your warm's NASTY around here this weekend!

    The food model is the cutest :)

  4. I love Trader Joe's!! Let me know how their pizza is!

  5. You're making me soooo jealous. I could live in Trader Joe's.


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